How do I stand out to a recruiter? What can I do to ace an interview? How do I make my social media presence make a splash? How can I think about my business more holistically? Our REDucation series answers all of the burning questions we get asked the most. Download one of our specialty tool kits and gain access into all of our inside tips and tricks or check out our CEO and founder's book "Behind the Red Velvet Curtain".

Reinvent Tool Kit

REDucate yourself, with the players behind the careers process at Red Velvet! In a complimentary playbook, we’ll walk through topics from our resume advice to avoiding the application black hole to how the team gets set for the interview process. Want to dive deeper into content or just can’t wait to talk to us? Contact us to schedule 1:1 careers consultation!

Behind the Red
Velvet Curtain

If you’re seeking an all-in-one pep-talk, business lesson and founder story to inspire your next step, look no further than this book about Cindy Y. Lo’s journey in building Red Velvet to the success that it is today. From Cindy’s triumphs—and from her mistakes—you’ll learn how to unlock your creativity, find the right clients, handle finances, take risks, master networking and a whole lot more!

Take the next step!

We are here for you! If you are wanting a custom session for your situation, we are also offering hourly 1:1 consultations on multiple subjects. Whatever business problem you may be facing, or opportunity you want to seize, our friendly, professional staff is here to brainstorm, plan, collaborate, and find a customized solution just for you.