Thanks to your willingness to share your experience and feedback, I was able to shift our focus on a problem and find a solution. I resonated with [Cindy] directly because I too felt a huge weight on my shoulders with responsibility to help my team financially since they are the anchor of our company's success.

Yara C.

I am SO thankful for our conversation today! I sincerely didn't realize how much I actually needed a bit of a pep talk and came out of the other side feeling confident and ready to take on this move. I will absolutely be recommending this and Red Velvet to friends in the future!

Myriah W.

Cindy and her team were very gracious in taking on a personal event for 70 participants, using all of their corporate event skills! We were pampered with outrageously beautiful balloon installment, special video greetings from our guests, performance by the MC, sharing of delicious food, chatting with everyone in the ‘same room’, renewing friendships in small group. Last but not least, Red Velvet captured the precious moment by both photo and video! It was a very memorable day of our life!

Yuen-Yee M.

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